Learn How To Have A Happier AND Healthier Relationship With Food In 30 Empowering Days.

Yup, that means stop feeling guilty, embrace your body, and create a balance of healthy eating and indulging that works for YOU.

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"Bree is an exceptional coach and leader in the field of food freedom. She not only covers the step-by-step process of reclaiming your relationship to food, but also explains how important it is to do the deeper work of self love and body acceptance. If you are ready to leave dieting and restriction behind and reclaim your life, Bree is your girl! Don't miss out on this opportunity to heal and find true freedom."

- Rini Frey, 28, Eating Disorder Recovery Coach, ownitbabe.com, @ownitbabe


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Let’s Create A Solution That *Actually* Works...


3 Steps of Food Freedom:

The secret to finding Food Freedom is a specific blend of mindful eating and personal growth techniques.

The 1st step (days 1-13), Honest Awareness, is about understanding what's behind your negative relationship with food. What are the triggers behind your restrictive dieting and self-sabotaging eating habits? Once we know what the root causes are, we can move on to learn how to outsmart the triggers that are making it hard to have a healthy and happy relationship with food.

The 2nd step (days 14-21), Healthy Mindlessness, is all about using your understanding, from step one, to crush food guilt and take back the eating habits that give you peace of mind, happiness, and make you feel amazing! We'll learn how to eat without food rules and learn how to naturally and confidently balance healthy eating and indulging.

The 3rd step (days 22-30), Beyond Food, dives into the best strategies for self care and personal growth. You can't have a lifetime of Food Freedom without creating a life that makes you happy beyond food... so this step is an absolute MUST! The foundations you learn in this step will teach you how to keep the perfect balance of happiness and healthiness for a lifetime.

Remember, the ebook retails for $17, but you can get it RIGHT NOW for $4!!

You'll learn how to...

  • Unstick yourself from your messy relationship with food.
  • Indulge in things you love without the food guilt.
  • Prevent one cookie from turning into binge eating the whole box.
  • Stop feeling like every added calorie is going to make you gain weight.
  • Free yourself from the binging and restricting mindset.
  • Passionately love your healthy and happy relationship with healthy food.
  • Ditch food rules and diet labels.
  • Feel confident in practicing self care and putting yourself first.
  • Prioritize what you need most to create peace of mind.
  • Manage and reduce stress in non-traditional ways, made specifically for you.
  • Create your version of a healthy diet.
  • Understand how to handle food sensitivities without restriction.
  • Keep the balance of doing what you love and doing what keeps you healthy.
  • Unlock your purpose for creating a healthy lifestyle in the first place.
  • Find the secret to outsmarting the triggers behind restrictive dieting.
  • Go out for dinner without worrying about what food you’ll be “able” to eat.
  • Crush your self-sabotaging eating habits by fixing the root of the problems.


  • How to trust YOURSELF to make decisions that make you happy and healthy in each moment - without stressing about the past or the future!!!

(I love that last one so much!!)


"Before my yoga this morning, I went and stood in front of the mirror, pulled up my shirt & looked at my little belly with a smile on my face. As someone who has loathed my stomach for as many years as I can remember, this was a huge accomplishment :)

Thanks Bree! You are right- changing my body won't change how i feel about myself, so I need to love myself right now & recognize all the qualities I love about myself instead of the 1 thing that bothers me! My belly does not define who I am."

- T.B., Food Freedom Student

"Not only does Bree give you day-by-day specific tips and steps to finding food freedom and developing self-love, but she uses personal examples and provides worksheets for you to deeply analyze yourself and apply these tips to your everyday life. From meal-prepping, to self-care, to social media, to our childhood struggles, Bree covers things I never even considered while on my journey of recovery and finding happiness. With the help of this guide, I truly believe that anyone who struggles can determine the route of their issues and transform into a happy, healthy, and confident person! Thank you Bree!!"

- Stephanie Faust, 22, @findingfullness

If You're Exhausted and Frustrated by All of the Food Rules, Diet Culture, and Other Restrictions You've Been Told You Need To Follow in Order to be Healthy, Happy, and Confident in Your Relationship With Food and Your Body, The Food Freedom Ebook is the Answer You've Been Looking for.

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"As a fellow coach in the industry I must say that Bree takes Food Freedom to a whole different level. She has climbed the mountain herself, taken notes of the hurdles along the way, and made it to the summit. To put it simply, SHE GETS IT. But most importantly, her commitment to bringing everyone to the top of the mountain with her is absolutely astounding and her passion, love and care stands out alllll throughout Food Freedom.

It feels like Bree is literally right there next to you, reminding you that Food Freedom is more than possible and you are worthy of having it day-in and day-out. Her coaching style is relatable, clear, and actionable. She makes Food Freedom possible for everyone with her step-by-step coaching method, so no matter where you are in your journey right now, trust that Bree will guide you to ultimate Food Freedom!"

- Mary Jelkovsky, 19, Body Image Coach, maryscupoftea.com, @maryscupofteaa

"Your story, and delivery of your message was such an organic fit for me I signed up and loved it. I had so much life reflection in the first two weeks that I haven’t yet completed it all the way. I spend a half hour with it every morning and there were so many light bulb moments that I almost couldn’t absorb it all on the daily. I’ve really loved it.

Historically I’ve stayed on the binge side of things, especially sugar. That’s led to weight gain and further depression. Your course has really help me dig into the why of things.

I know you get it... like - really get it in a way that is authentic to how I'm feeling. I actually hadn't even said the words "disordered eating" before your course. So, all that to say- I didn't connect with the idea that my eating was disordered until I heard your story, and then it clicked. So major kudos and I'm thrilled I found your work. Also, I am a medical provider with years of medical training...….. so how's that for having a blind spot on your own behaviors!"

- B.B., Food Freedom Student

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It's Time to Stop Overthinking Food!

"I am so grateful for this program! My first round through helped me release my restriction mindset, treat my body with more kindness, and stop trying to "make up" for previous eating. My second round through helped me actually find that balance and trust my decisions (more than before at least)."

- T.G., Food Freedom Student

"Bree's approach to finding freedom from food is refreshingly simple, in the best way. She walks you through everything step by step, breaking down on the elusive "How To's" involved in healing your relationship with food. The best part is you feel like your best friend is with you everyday supporting you."

- Cara Carin Cifelli, Holistic Health Coach, CarasKitchen.net, @caraskitchen


Trust Me, I've Been There And I Totally Get It!

Your Instructor


I'm Bree Shook and I train Food Freedom Warriors to heal their relationship with food! I overcame my battle with restrictive dieting, binge eating, and orthorexia - and found Food Freedom in the process! I wanted EVERY woman to feel the empowering strength and confidence of Food Freedom, so I turned my approach into a customizable program. Now you can live a life without food rules and full of freedom to do what YOU love!

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Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I hope you enjoy the book!

XO, Bree

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